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October 10 2014

Dearest Friends and Family,

We pray you are blessed in the fullness of Jesus Christ, that in Him your joy knows no bounds; that His peace is with you in every circumstance. We write today to share news of our continuing work in Mesa del Nayar, Nayarit, Mexico, where God led us quite a few years ago. You have heard us share our love of the Cora and Huichol people of the mountains, and admiration for the life changing work accomplished by Padre Pascual during his many years leading the school at La Mesa. By our estimate he shared Jesus with well over 6,000 students and their families, and in the process became a highly respected leader in the Sierra Madres. Most importantly those families were provided opportunities to be set free from the bonds of poverty and oppression that darken the souls of many living this drug production region.

The “Good News” we have to share is that the school continues to serve nearly 150 students daily, is led by capable graduates, and provides Christian discipleship and opportunity for free education that continues through university study. There are many trials the school faces absent the charismatic leadership of Padre, at this moment the primary obstacle is financial. The school must raise $15 for each student to meet room and board expenses per month, please join us in prayer, and financial support so that the needs of the school may be met to over flowing. Jesus taught “bring the children unto me.”

More “Good News”, glory to God, is the planned move of Jay and Faith Tenbrink to the La Mesa area. We have worked with Jay, Faith, their family and church fellowship as long as we have traveled to Nayarit. They have lived in Mexico for over 20 years, were instrumental in faithfully establishing a new church that has grown to hundreds. They understand the cultures they serve, and are enthused to further the work of Christ in the Sierra’s where they are well known, accepted, and respected. We will continue God’s work with Jay and Faith as we visit mountain communities January and February of 2015.

We would treasure a visit with each of you to share the hope, experience, and preparation God has woven during our years in His service. Jay and Faith will be visiting and traveling with us in early December to share the vision God has given us to serve in the Sierra Madres of Mexico. May we set a time to meet with you and share in depth the plans God has made for us? We thank you beyond words for your faithful prayers and support. It is our prayer that we may continue to partner with you and share the love of Jesus with those who do not know Him. As important is the witness of faith that comes when those who live relatively safe and comfortable lives are willing to travel to remote, forsaken, and sometimes dangerous places to share Jesus. This is work none of us can do alone. The Lord has led us to this place. Will you please join us once again as we heed His call and step forward in faith to serve. Mucho gracias y Dios te bendiga hermanas y hermanos en Jesu Cristo!

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