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September 26 2013

Dear Friends,

We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend Padre Pascual Rosales. His love for Jesus was evident in everything he lived and accomplished in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. A few of you shared the privilege of meeting Padre, many more have heard us speak of his work, and may share our sense of profound loss in a life beautifully lived as testimony to Christ.

Padre was one of those men that words struggle to describe; he possessed a quite calm, a loving determination that erased all but the truth in every circumstance. He was a friend to all from the barely clothed children that came to his school for life changing opportunity to the Presidents of Mexico. Humility as a living testimony gave far reaching effect to his passion to serve the down trodden and reach the lost.

The inspiring example set by Padre as a follower of Jesus touched all who met him and encouraged each of us as well to lay down our lives, pick up our cross and follow Him. He was a true and faithful man of God, a man of inspiration that shared the Good News as a living word of truth and light in a dark and desperate world.

Padre will be deeply missed in his being with us, yet his spirit will continue to inspire as glory to God for many generations to come. His often spoken farewell, “we will continue to work together in the Spirit of Christ” blesses and challenges each of us follow in the steps of Jesus. May you rest in peace Padre as we celebrate the extraordinary example of a life well lived. A life that calls us to love and serve with intention and purpose as you lived and gracefully taught each one of us. Gracias Senor por Padre Pascual, mucho gracias.

Our love and thanks for each one of you. In Christ,

Tom and Collette Beytien

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