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April 1 2007

Dear friends in ministry,

We are alive and relatively well now entering month seven of border ministry. Our work in Mexico is anything but tranquil and slow paced, yet we are very content with the progress we see God evidencing through the hands of His people - to His glory follow some highlights of these past months.

Fist on the list is people - the faithful servants we have been privileged to work with - over twenty five teams, many from Iowa (four from Des Moines!), numbering over five hundred people strong – one team from Oklahoma came with 200 workers. Many dozens of houses, kitchens, bathrooms have been constructed, and tons of food and clothing have been distributed. The school lunch program remains strong with one hundred fifty students fed on an average day, and over two hundred fifty children enrolled. We are privileged to witness the Holy Spirit work through so many Christians sharing resources and serving in short-term trips to this part of Mexico.

Next is the visible hand of God leading the construction of the new school. In the last four months God’s helpers have purchased the land, poured the foundation and floors, and raised the block walls. The roof is to be completed in April, the bathrooms and septic system are under construction, and there are already commitments for funding and construction for the second floor next year. Please continue to pray for this worthy project and participate with funds and labor as you may!

El Buen Pastor Church has a new drain field, storage cabinets, a remodeled storage room for clothing distribution, and a new pastor’s office with desk, chair, computer, internet and copier. In the lunch room a new drop ceiling, kitchen cabinets, storage shelves, sink, ceiling light and fan, lots of new electrical wiring, new big pot burners, a chest freezer, and outside a great big new playground for the children. The parsonage has a new kitchen, screen door, plumbing repairs, privacy fence and new patio. Plus there is new stucco and paint all over the grounds (mostly on the walls)!

There is more…the PET project is well under way, thanks to friends from Volunteers in Mission and many other helping hearts and hands. The 25’x35’ building was constructed during the sludge time in January, but they sure did “getter done.” The PET is a life transforming hand cranked tricycle cart that provides mobility for people without use of their legs. El Buen Pastor is to be an assembly and distribution sight for Mexico, providing training, employment, and opportunities for volunteer partnerships. PET is distributed at no cost to the recipient, for more information We will have more to report next time about an exciting building product called papercrete and sustainable economic evangelism projects that are just beginning!

Finally, God is gracing our congregation with at least six adult baptisms this Easter - Santos and Lupe are receiving Christ as fruit of the men’s Bible study. Will you please pray with us that both women and men Bible studies continue to grow. Paul teaches in 2 Corinthians 8:9 “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, for our sakes He became poor, so that we through His poverty might become rich.” Thank you for sharing hour prayers and resources with us on this eternal journey, we are so blessed and deeply appreciate your support.

To Christ be the glory,

Tom and Collette

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